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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who uses Distance to Coast calculations?
Distance to Coast and Distance to Shoreline are widely used in the insurance risk business. Property insurance underwriters use DTC to determine how likely a property near a coastal shore is to sustain storm damage. Typically properties less than 100 miles inland are considered a risk, with those closest to the water assigned the highest risk level.
Q: How does KB Geo provide such high accuracy?
To get high-accuracy distance to coast, the coastline definition must be accurate. KB Geo derives a standard CONUS coastline definition from sources like NOAA, then processes the entire dataset through custom geopoint error-checking and refinement algorithms. Every time a customer requests Distance to Coast for a point in the United States, more purpose-built algorithms are executed to determine the nearest possible point on the defined coastline. The output of this process is available through our REST web service.
Q: What makes KB Geo faster than other Distance to Coast services?
KB Geo has invested in advanced software that breaks down the Distance to Coast problem into much smaller problems that are then solved with the fastest available algorithms. Data caching and grooming keeps KB Geo Distance to Coast REST web service results fast and reliable.
Q: What if my IT department has trouble using the KB Geo Distance to Coast REST web service?
KB Geo provides clear, comprehensive, understandable documentation with example code. We have software developers on staff to provide integration support if needed as well.
Q: How can I use the KB Geo Distance to Coast REST web service with my own coastline definition?

KB Geo can import your custom coastline as a set of latitude and longitude pairs and run all of its performance-improving indexing and reduction algorithms against your data. When your systems request Distance to Coast, the results will return distance to the closest point on your custom coastline. This process can be included in your monthly cost.

KB Geo also provides geospatial plotting services if you don't already have a coastline defined. Contact us for more information!

Q: Why is KB Geo the best choice among competing distance to shoreline providers?

KB Geo's coastline model is highly accurate, high-performance, secure, and covers the ENTIRE continental US. Other providers have inaccurate coastlines, long delays on each service call, and state-sized holes in their coverage.

If you currently wait 1 1/2 minutes for your DTC provider's web service results, KB Geo will save the average underwriter 124 hours (3 work weeks!) every year - and cost less as well. Contact us to get started!

We're so sure KB Geo Distance to Coast is your best choice that we'll even help you try out our competitors:

Q: How can I get in touch if I'm having problems with KB Geo Distance to Coast?
KB Geo provides responsive customer support by email 7 days a week. You can also contact us through this website.

Other Services

KB Geo provides software services in addition to fast, secure, inexpensive Distance to Coast.

Custom Coastline Definition

KB Geo has built tools, infrastructure, and experience to make geospatial plotting quick and accurate. We can create an ordered custom latitude/longitude boundary set for anything - not just coastlines.

Customers have provided us with source documents such as hand-drawn maps, PDFs, county names, and descriptions like "1 mile south of the Hwy 73 bridge". We do the legwork to define a highly accurate set of latitude and longitude points.

If you have an existing set of coordinates that needs refinement, contact us! We can import your coordinates into our tools and make the changes you need.

Custom Software Development
KB Geo has years of experience working with insurance companies to provide high-quality custom software. Contact us for an estimate!
Automatic Guidelines Service

All insurance companies have a set of underwriting guidelines that drive premiums and determine whether an applicant can be insured. KB Geo has built a platform that allows your underwriters to enter the applicant's address and see all of your company's guidelines applicable to the applicant.

These guidelines can be further augmented with data integrations to make decisions based on distance to coast, credit rating, address county/state/zip/FIPS code, and many other possibilities.

Automatic Guidelines functionality is customizable and available as a custom web site or as a web service that integrates with your existing systems. Contact us for more information!